Hide and Seek Furniture

Hide and Seek Furniture is compartment furniture. The stuff has hiding spots, pull outs, and lift ups.

One of the items is a trolley filling cabinets, which is a filing system, with shelves on the side, a drawer, and it can even come on wheels. ($1,670) There are Wall Shelves, which is Swedish, and it takes an eye on mid-century modern-day solutions: it’s a well designed shelf that you can keep by the front door. Anyone coming in can put their keys, phone, wallet, etc. right by the front door. ($550)

And for kids, there is a Princess dressing table. It has a black walnut top settled on a thin stainless steel base. The top has a section that opens to reveal a compartment for storing  jewelry, makeup, and hair supplies. ($5,200)

For teenagers, who love their school work and would like a nice home to do there work, there’s a La Secréte Desk. This desk is super cool, it’s a nook-and-cranny desk. It has a pull out shelf on the side, a small pull out drawer on another side, and the actual desk opens up, by using a door. ($4,405)

To put in your living room to add a little design in the room, there’s an awesome coffee table. Whether your serving morning coffee for two people or having shrimp and dip with a bunch of friends, this coffee table does triple duty. All you do is expand its square inches with surfaces that tuck away when not in use. ($2,000)

Yes, this stuff is expensive. But, it is SUPER cool, and would add great design to your home! Take a look at the picture:

-The Hide and Seek furniture

If you want to learn more about the Hide and Seek furniture go to: http://www.dwell.com/office/




A pair of designers, Marc Thorpe and Jos Pelders, came together and created a pixelated fabric. The fabric is powered be a 21st-century sewing machine.

After creating the Blur sofa for Moroso in 2010, the New York designers created the fabric that is capable of “pulling of a disappearing act”.  To do this, Jos and Marc developed a software to translate a 2-D design into a 3-D piece of material. The process took two years to perfect it.  At the top of the machine, there sits a ring of needles containing an assortment of colored threads. When the software calls for a hue(a certain color) a needle drops into the piece and the results is a stitch that becomes a one of a kind design.  While this is happening, the fabric is knitted (not woven) into layers that creates a piece of flowing stitches.

After the cloth is applied to the sofa, the design and texture moves from a white color to a full color. The ending beauty of the fabric, I think is absolutely amazing.

-the new Neo Knits fabric

After the Neo Knits fabric appeared as a prototype at Salone internazionale in 2011, it’s final form was at the 2012 furniture fair. It will be available later this year in three different colors.

Be looking for your Neo Knits fabric and furniture and get it! It is a great design and would look great in any room of the house.

To learn more about the Neo Knits, Blur furniture and fabric go to:  neoknits.com


new stylish fans

The brand “HAIKU” is selling a new fan, of which I think is really cool. It has seven speeds and features that include Sleep, Timer, Reverse, and variable speed settings. It also has an exclusive Whoosh mode that gives out natural airflow.

The Haiku brand is designed by a team of engineers who are trying to create a performance of art for a ceiling. The technology of this fan hides in the inside of the fan at its center. Haiku is confirmed as the most efficient small ceiling fan, by Energy Star.  The blades of the fan give an angle attack from the tip to the root, having a smooth silent airflow. Haiku is the quietest fan in the world, even at all speeds.  The blades of the fan are made out of Moso bamboo, which has the same strength as steel.

If you love your fan ignore this one.  If you don’t love your fan GET THIS ONE! It has a great design structure and would look great in your house.

To get yours today go to: haikufan.com/dwell.

Buy one of these fans, and start to add design to your house!

-a picture of the HAIKU fan.

– SydneyDesign

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