new stylish fans

The brand “HAIKU” is selling a new fan, of which I think is really cool. It has seven speeds and features that include Sleep, Timer, Reverse, and variable speed settings. It also has an exclusive Whoosh mode that gives out natural airflow.

The Haiku brand is designed by a team of engineers who are trying to create a performance of art for a ceiling. The technology of this fan hides in the inside of the fan at its center. Haiku is confirmed as the most efficient small ceiling fan, by Energy Star.  The blades of the fan give an angle attack from the tip to the root, having a smooth silent airflow. Haiku is the quietest fan in the world, even at all speeds.  The blades of the fan are made out of Moso bamboo, which has the same strength as steel.

If you love your fan ignore this one.  If you don’t love your fan GET THIS ONE! It has a great design structure and would look great in your house.

To get yours today go to:

Buy one of these fans, and start to add design to your house!

-a picture of the HAIKU fan.

– SydneyDesign


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