A pair of designers, Marc Thorpe and Jos Pelders, came together and created a pixelated fabric. The fabric is powered be a 21st-century sewing machine.

After creating the Blur sofa for Moroso in 2010, the New York designers created the fabric that is capable of “pulling of a disappearing act”.  To do this, Jos and Marc developed a software to translate a 2-D design into a 3-D piece of material. The process took two years to perfect it.  At the top of the machine, there sits a ring of needles containing an assortment of colored threads. When the software calls for a hue(a certain color) a needle drops into the piece and the results is a stitch that becomes a one of a kind design.  While this is happening, the fabric is knitted (not woven) into layers that creates a piece of flowing stitches.

After the cloth is applied to the sofa, the design and texture moves from a white color to a full color. The ending beauty of the fabric, I think is absolutely amazing.

-the new Neo Knits fabric

After the Neo Knits fabric appeared as a prototype at Salone internazionale in 2011, it’s final form was at the 2012 furniture fair. It will be available later this year in three different colors.

Be looking for your Neo Knits fabric and furniture and get it! It is a great design and would look great in any room of the house.

To learn more about the Neo Knits, Blur furniture and fabric go to:



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