Hide and Seek Furniture

Hide and Seek Furniture is compartment furniture. The stuff has hiding spots, pull outs, and lift ups.

One of the items is a trolley filling cabinets, which is a filing system, with shelves on the side, a drawer, and it can even come on wheels. ($1,670) There are Wall Shelves, which is Swedish, and it takes an eye on mid-century modern-day solutions: it’s a well designed shelf that you can keep by the front door. Anyone coming in can put their keys, phone, wallet, etc. right by the front door. ($550)

And for kids, there is a Princess dressing table. It has a black walnut top settled on a thin stainless steel base. The top has a section that opens to reveal a compartment for storing  jewelry, makeup, and hair supplies. ($5,200)

For teenagers, who love their school work and would like a nice home to do there work, there’s a La Secréte Desk. This desk is super cool, it’s a nook-and-cranny desk. It has a pull out shelf on the side, a small pull out drawer on another side, and the actual desk opens up, by using a door. ($4,405)

To put in your living room to add a little design in the room, there’s an awesome coffee table. Whether your serving morning coffee for two people or having shrimp and dip with a bunch of friends, this coffee table does triple duty. All you do is expand its square inches with surfaces that tuck away when not in use. ($2,000)

Yes, this stuff is expensive. But, it is SUPER cool, and would add great design to your home! Take a look at the picture:

-The Hide and Seek furniture

If you want to learn more about the Hide and Seek furniture go to: http://www.dwell.com/office/



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