Young Designers

(young designers) The New Guard:

In  an epic search for what’s new and modern now a days, The new Guard is shaping our future of design. By doing this they are creating objects that make our life and home more beautiful and functional. In the years to come, they say you will see a lot more of it. Well, we’ll see about that.

Max Lipsey:

Max Lipsey began his design project by holding his material in his hands. He experiments with it. He says “Before I even sketch, I need to get to know the material. Then the ideas come.”  He was raised in Aspen, Colorado and went to school at NYU. He is mostly known for his Acciaio series, which was inspired by racing bicycles and using steel bicycle tubing. His designs  are very cool. They range from lamps and chairs to cool shaped shelves that can fit on a desk that would look great in your house. To learn more about Max look him up on Google. Max recently made two black leather chairs.  He says,”It looks really different from the others, but I like it!”

-The Max Lipsey designs

Elisa Strozyk created a fabric using wood.  This wood can also be used as floor art at your front door.  She says, “I love how wood ages without losing its beauty. Somehow it just grows old in a nice way.”  I think this  is unique, it can be bunched up and funky looking or it can lie smooth and elegant.

To learned more about Elisa Google her.

– Elisa’s design

Thanks for reading this post on what the young designers are up to today!



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